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Fenella the Holmfirth Tiger

Fenella - Holmfirth tigerShe came from a family who were circus entertainers and toured South Africa in 1939, where she originally came from. On their tour they were offered two newly born tiger cubs to rear and although one of them soon died, they successfully reared the remaining one, Fenella. At the outbreak of World War II, they brought her back with them to live in Holmfirth. Fenella’s family took her on long walks around Holmfirth. Many people, including the pupils of ‘The Nabb’ school (Holmfirth J & I), remember meeting her and amusing memories involving her. Sadly, she died in 1950 but is still fondly remembered by her family and the people of Holmfirth.


Photography of Holmfirth from Sandie Nicholson

Photos copyright: Sandie Nicholson www.photosofyorkshire.com/ 


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