H.E.A.D. (Holmfirth Enterprise and Development). Promoting Businesses and Tourism in the Holme Valley.

HEAD was re-branded in 2013 from the previous name- Holme Valley Business Association although the association was founded around 1993.

Holmfirth has a very active Business Association (HEAD) where residents and traders work together to make the local area the best it can be.

What do we do for Holmfirth businesses?

  • Organize successful Summer events
  • Fund Holmfirth's Christmas lights every year
  • We keep people updated via mailings, Facebook and this website
  • We raise funding and apply for events such as Food & Drink festival 2014 and 2015 and WW1 100 year forces weekend 2014
  • Getting the Council to resolve any environmental issues that arise I.e. road works, paving, litter etc.
  • Speaking with our Community Police Officers on any issues that residents/businesses bring forward.

Have your say. Come along to the meetings on the third Tuesday of every month except August at Holmfirth Methodist Church. 6pm start. Refreshments available. Everyone welcome.
The last monthly business meeting in 2015 will be on Tuesday 15th December

Dates for 2016 meetings are as follows:

Tuesday 19th January

Tuesday 21st February

Tuesday 20th March

Tuesday 17th April

Tuesday 15th May

Tuesday 19th June

We run for the benefit of our members, often promoting the collective interests of our members and performing activities that would usually be costly or time-consuming for an individual company to perform by itself.

We are well organized and always have a lively group attendance at our monthly meetings. Visitors are always welcome.

Member benefits include:

  • Discounts relating to events we are involved in
  • Business Guidance & Initiatives
  • We will support local businesses to network with each other, through work as well as outside of it
  • Community development association/ideas for collective benefits such as bulk purchasing and recycled waste collection scheme business rates advice
  • Members can be profiled via social media on our Facebook and Twitter pages and this website.
  • Finally free light refreshments for members at all meetings we hold.


Suites 3 & 5 Victoria Court
91 Huddersfield Road
West Yorksire
Tel: 01484 687587
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.